Saturday, December 14, 2013

GGG 2014 - Kutch to Kochi: 5 Jan - 7 Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen... Go Green Girls is back again. This time a team of 20 women adventurers from across India will attempt to cycle approx 2500 kms from Kutch, Gujarat to Kochi, Kerala i.e. K2K. The expedition will leave Bhuj in Kutch on 5th Jan 2014 and will end in Kochi on 7th Feb. We will take 34 days to cycle across 5 states and will be meeting many people on the way to spread the green message.

Our message to India remains the same:
1. Promote a cleaner, greener and healthier India
2. Encourage the current generation of women to higher levels of achievement through presentations in schools and colleges.

We hope that this expedition will also be as big a success as our previous expedition in 2011 - Kolkata to Kanyakumari.

As far as sponsorship is concerned, we are in talks with a few companies, but nothing has been finalised. There is always hope. As of now, the girls are planning to put in their own money to ensure that the expedition is a success. Keeping fingers crossed.

Do keep visiting the blog to see our updates. Once the expedition begins, we will be updating the blog everyday with details of our trip as well as pictures. Will also put up details of the members of the expedition soon.. Keep watching :)

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