Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Day 32, 33 : 5th & 6th Feb 2014: Kozikode to Cochin

We left from Cochin to go to Ponnani. Roads were as bad as ever and it was getting more dangerous for us to cycle. Also, there were stretches where the roads were getting done up. As we reached Telecherry, the girls got split up into 2-3 groups and each one ended up taking a different route. It took us a long time to get everyone together. 

All this time, we were also trying to get accommodation in Ponnani. It is a very small place and there were no hotels there. Finally we got in touch with a local MP who said we could stay at his house in the village. However, when we got in touch with the house, they mentioned that there is no water at all and they will find it difficult to host so many of us. We had to then think of an alternative solution.

After a discussion with the whole team, it was decided that we should not cycle anymore in Kerala, due to the dangers of cycling on the narrow roads. We had a few more near accidents today as well and our members were really lucky to even be alive. We then spoke with our accommodation in Cochin and they were extremely generous in allowing us to come a day earlier. We then got onto the truck and went directly to Cochin. 

We reached the hotel at around 11pm at night and OH MY GOD!!! We had landed in the middle of heaven. Thanks to the leader, we were ending our expedition in 7 star luxury, in a resort called Carnoustie, one of the most beautiful and luxurious properties that we have ever seen. Our clothes were so dirty that we felt we should have dinner standing up :)

We stayed in individual cottages that had their own swimming pools!!! The girls had a great time at the resort for a whole day before we left back to Bangalore. Luckily for us, SCOTT had allowed us to purchase the cycles at a lower cost. While a few girls wanted the cycles, the rest were bought by the resort.
It was a great end to a great cycle rally :)

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