Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 1 - Kolkata to Bagnan

1200 hrs, 26 Jan 2011...
Cycling for day one is complete.. have reached lodge Prantik which is about 3 kms ahead of Bagnan... Cycled for about 50 kms today.. nice relaxed ride for day 1... started cycling outside Kolkata at around 5 am and reached here at 11.. not bad considering we had two looooong breaks for breakfast and juice :)

Cycles need fixing though :( we found out last night that things were not quiet as cool as we expected... hopefully we will find a mechanic in Kharagpur tomorrow to fix the cycles...

There is a gujrati group here at the lodge, celebrating Republic Day.. a lot of fun.. the children, especially the girls, were very excited to see so many women cycling.. they came up and spoke to us.. had a nice chat with them.. they have offered to provide lunch for us with the group :) sweet...

GGG girls relaxing after first day's ride...

Total relaxation!!!

FOOD!!!! yummy gujju food!!

Logging out for now...

1700 hrs, 26 Jan 2011...
Lunch was so tasty.... we all ate like pigs and slept... the people were so happy to feed us and meet us... we had a long chat with all of them.. we felt like celebrities :) nothing more planned for this evening.. dinner, meeting and sleep.. we have to leave early tomorrow morning (and this will be the case for the next one month... :( )


  1. Go Green Girls!! Rooting for you all the way!
    A tremendous effort not just personally for you all but also carrying a great message across the coast of India! Very proud of you all and wish each and every one of you a successful journey. Keep posting pictures!

    Have you had the Kolkata roshogollas and mishti doi yet?! Forget the energy drinks...eat these instead ;)

    Have fun!
    Hemanth and Sudipa

  2. Keep going girlssss... and nice pics.. keep posting the pics.. :) wanna see u girls daily.. and madam ;) AC... lol enjoy this AC god kwns when again u gonna get AC wala room :P

    well enjoy girls and all the best from my heart... missing you all .. muaaahhhh

  3. met the entire team while they were in Highway cycling from bagnan to kharagpur.Very energetic and full of enthusiasm.All the best!!!

  4. Hi nice to see such a lively bunch of ladies having so much fun despite the tough task ahead. Go girls Go. You can get in touch with other Lions Club on the way and refer to my Lions Club of bangalore Host, happy pedaling.

  5. @ Hemanth and Sudipa... you have not idea how much rasgulla and mishty dahi we have eaten.. lol.. enough to last a lifetime.. :)

    @Chinangsuk.. Thanks a lot for the cold drinks.. they really put energy back into us :)