Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3 - Kharagpur to Jaleshwar, 84 kms

Long ride, the longest so far.. The aches and pains have considerably reduced but the heat has gone up… another cycle punctured.. this time, Krishna's…we need to get it fixed.. had nice masala parantha (not aloo this time.. lol) with aloo gobi subzi. was very tasty, as usual..

We left at 6 am.. Mr Manna and Chinangsuk escorted us all the way to the highway through a shortcut… Beautiful country roads with fields on both sides and extra-long goods trains visible on the horizon through the mist… we reached the Orissa border at around 1pm where Sabyasachi Das and _______ received us with huge red roses for each of us :)… we then went to an Industrial Training College where the boys were lined up on both sides of the path showering flower petals on top of us. We felt like queens of the world.. heheheh…

Lunch was from the kitchens of ISCKON temple and was typically tasty Oriya food… We hope this great reception lasts through the expedition :)

The plans for the evening are also big… Jaleshwar Mahotsav is on and they have organised a one-hour function where they will be felicitating the girls.. There is a film star also coming to meet with us.. Wow!!! Will let you know the details when we get back.. bfn..

10 pm

Wow! it was a great evening. Big mela… Big stage with all of us sitting on it.. The mela was nice with all the lovely stalls and rides. We managed to sit on two of the rides as well and screamed our heads off… Nice dinner and we're just too tired now to do anything else… so will log off :)

just before our 'escorts' left us at the highway :)


Banana and orange break :)

Green girls with red roses..

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