Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 6 - Bhadrak to Chandikohl, 70 kms

We have a briefing/de-briefing each evening where we share our thoughts for the day, lessons learnt, problems, if any, and decide on the plans for the next day… We decide on the two LoD's or the Leader of the Day, who leads the line of cyclists and sets the pace… and also the Sweepers, who cycle at the back of the pack to ensure that noone is left behind.

We had our first eve-teasing incident today. 3 guys on a motorcycle were going on the opposite side of the road when they saw us and started hooting.. They decided to take a u-turn and come back hooting again.. They went a little ahead and stopped… then overtook us again making obscene gestures… Then they took a u-turn and went by yet another time in the direction that they were originally headed in, but not before they repeated some gesture again… we decided to ignore them and were very focused on our next loo break :)

We were originally supposed to stop at Barchana for the night, but were told that it is a very small place and no arrangements would be possible there. We were instead asked to stay at Chandikhol which is about 5 kms before Barchana… Not a problem :) we were here by 11.45, much sooner than we had expected.. And this was after a lot of loo breaks, breakfast break, a tender coconut break, watermelon break, water breaks…. not bad for day 6 of cycling :)

We're staying at the Chandi Temple here.. What a beautiful location!!! The temple is in the hills (there are just these 5 hills in the middle of nowhere.. everything else is flat) surrounded by huge trees: banyan, mango and jackfrut, and infested with monkeys… They are everywhere and are so cute… We were part of the feeding exercise at 4pm where they take channa from our hands. We discovered that monkeys have soft hands.. hehehe..

Went to a Shiva temple close by after the monkey feeding and then came back to the Chandi temple for the aarti at 6. It was a surreal experience with the lour cymbals and bells and the drums. This was followed by singing accompanied by all these instruments plus a harmonium.

Tomorrow is a long day - almost 80 to 90kms of riding. And then we have a rest day. Will put up today's pics tomorrow.. sorry for the delay :)

After a breakfast of Idli and vada..

Watermelon anyone?

Monkey feeding at the Chandi Temple

Immersed in the aarati... Was a divine experience, albeit loud..

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