Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 7 - Chandikhol to Bhuvaneshwar, 80 kms

The highlight of the day was that we encountered our first signal light of the expedition…hehehe.. We waited at a red light in Cuttak for 120 seconds and the second one was green :)

Great timing today.. Chandikhol refreshed us so much that we cycled so fast.. lol.. We reached Bhuvaneshwar at 11.30 am. We had to wait at a temple on the highway till about 12.30 for the Rotary team to come to receive us. We have not landed right back in a temple.. We’re staying at the ISKCON temple in Bhuvaneshwar. Had very tasty breakfast at a dhaba and as usual ate too much. The guy got tired of bringing us rotis… we asked for sugar with our curd, but he never brought it, despite us asking about 20 times.. hehe, then we realised he was out of sugar. He sent someone to bring a little from nearby.. we thought it was funny at that time

We were very happy that we did not have any punctures yesterday. But when we took the cycles off the truck, 2 cycles were punctured :(

The shoulder of the road where we usually cycle, was not quiet there during the ride today. Even though the road was there, it was (or is) covered with mud and sand, leaving barely half a foot for cyclists to cycle on. We ended up cycling mostly on the road.

Roopa is getting used to not having her mobile phone. She lost it in the guest house Bhadrak 2 days ago. She was so upset that night that she hardly ate any food. She hopes that I will give her a mobile, but I tell her- Better luck next time.. hehehhe..

The Rotary is giving us so much hospitality everywhere we go that we don’t know how to thank them. Each and every person is taking it on themselves to ensure that we are fully taken care of. We went to the tribal fair today and are going to Konark and Puri tomorrow.. Really looking forward to it.. havent had time to download pics as yet.. will upload all three days tomorrow.. promise :)

Our amazing reception at Bhuvaneshwar

A tribal woman at the tribal fair...

Outside the ISCKON Temple...

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