Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 16 - Tuni to Kakinada, 70 Kms

Can you believe that we reached our destination at 11.20 am??? Is that fast cycling or what!! heheheh.. We were estimating that we will reach at around 2 pm.. But we shocked our hosts by landing up at 11.30 :) Our host is a beautiful and smart lady named Krishna Kumari who runs a beauty parlour in the city. She is also the President of the Rotary in Kakinada.

The first half of the ride today was filled with anxiety and worry. We knew that our umbilical cord (as Anita Rao from Vizag put it) was going to be cut… lol.. The Umbilical cord being refered to is NH 5, which we have been cycling on ever since we started the expedition. The one with the wonderful double road and a 6ft cycling lane throughout… We had to take a left and get on to NH 214 to go towards Kakinada. as soon as we turned off NH 5, all our fears were confirmed - Single road, traffic, no cycling lane. NH214 tried to cheat us by giving us all of that for about 200 mtrs, but it disappeared immediately. But as we continued cycling, we realised that the view was wonderful. bright paddy fields on both sides of the road for as far as the eyes could see on both sides of the road, tree shaded roads and a chance to cycle through the villages of AP (NH5 bypasses al towns and cities.. just plain road).. And surprise surprise, we reached kakinada before we even realised it. Cycling early morning though might be a problem. We will have to figure that one out tomorrow morning.

We have great accommodation here and had an amazing meal. Amazing because we did not have to eat South Indian thali and could eat roti's or Chinese :) Tasty food. We've already decided what each of us Is going to order at dinner.. lol…

Nothing new in today's list of things that we did. cycle - breakfast - cycle - press conference - lunch - speech at a school - rest - dinner (this one is yet to happen) :)
A squished snake on the road:(

Temple town of Annavaram on the way to Kakinada

At the school...

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