Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 21 - Kavali to Gudur, 93 kms

Day started as usual. Reached at 2 pm. Lunch at a college hostel, then to our rooms, then presentation at the college and again dinner and back to our rooms by 8.30. Everyday we plan to sleep by 8 pm, but it has never been possible :( we need to get a little more sleep.. :).. I guess once we get back to our respective houses, we will just sleep through for 2 days in a row. hehehhe..

We think we met 3 naxalites on a motorbike today. When we were unloading our cycles on the highway, these three guys came and started screaming at us, asking who we were and what the truck was doing there. They were all covered up with blankets. It was scary as it was dark at 5.15 in the morning. Our leader immediately said that we were all police women and spoke to them a little strongly… They 'inspected' all of us and finally went away… After that our journey was peaceful :)

Saw some amazing birds today. We think they were cranes, but could only see them from far away. It was an amazing sight as there were two of them standing in the water at the edge of a big lake. A beautiful image. We tried to go near and take pictures, but they sensed our movement and flew away.
How green can it get :)

Resting in the shade of a truck..

The college girls getting excited to meet us and also to wear our helmets...

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