Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 14 - Vishakapatnam, Rest Day

I think it is time to make a separate list of the new things and experiences that we are having individually and as a team. heheheh so today's new experiences are as follows:

1. First time that most of us stepped onto a ship. It was Dredger that sucks up silt and mud from the sea bed.
2. First time that we stepped into a submarine. Thanks to the Indian government that spent loads of money in converting an actually submarine into a museum so that civilians like us can have a taste of what it is like to live on the submarine.
3. First time that a few of us played on the beach
4. First time that most of us had cold stone ice cream at a place called the ice age. It was fabulous and we were stuffed at the end of it. It was nice to watch them make the concoctions with ice cream and a whole lot of other ingredients whichh they put onto a frozen granite slab and mixed up using to knives.

Apart from all of this, we also visited the Simhachalam Temple, the Naval Colony, went shopping to the tribal exhibition where we bought kalamkaari sarees and other exciting stuff, went book shopping and ate some noodles for lunch :)

Anita Rao and Harita accompanied us through this exploration of Vizag / Waltair.. Anita is a great person. A painter, counselor, mom to an 18 yr old, cyclist, motorcycle enthusiast (she was the first woman to go from Delhi to Leh and back on a motorcycle…

The YHA arranged a big meeting for us in the evening where we spoke to quiet a few people who had come. The hospitality at Vizag left nothing lacking at all. We could have stayed a few days or weeks more there :)

On the dredger

on the steps of the submarine

Outside Anita's house
This is what the Submarine looks like :)

With the YHA and Rotary teams at the presentation in the evening...

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