Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 15 - Vishakapatnam to Tuni, 95 kms

Today was definitely one of the most tiring days so far. We hadn't taken any rest yesterday and also ended up sleeping at 11pm because of the YHA meeting. And there were too many mosquitoes at night. So we were already very tired when we woke up in the morning :( and to top it all, the heat has become quiet unbearable. Plus not to mention that most of us have upset stomach's due to the tasty but super spicy Andhra food :)

Anita cycled with us till the Vizag Steel Plant. The YHA team at the steel plant arranged a great reception for us on NH 5 with breakfast and YHA caps for each of us. We then carried on towards Tuni and Anita went back to Vizag.

But we managed to get to Tuni by about 2.30 pm. We got an amazing reception from the staff and students of the Sri Prakash school and college here. The campus is so beautiful and so are the people. We started off with a press conference as soon as we reached. Then lunch (very tasty) followed by us addressing about a thousand students. Though we are so tired, we're really looking forward to interacting with the hostel students later today.

The great part about the school is that it is a school that believes in the green movement. They have a dairy farm and not only produce milk for the school but also sell the milk. They use bio gas for all the cooking in the hostels and also for the generators. We are going to be going on a school tour in a bit. Catch you then…

The breakfast with the Vizag Steel Plant team

The monument that the VSP put up to celebrate their turnaround from Rs 600 crore losses to Rs 600 crore profits...

Birds in the fields.

The Principal and the students at the college :)

with the students after the presentation and talk with them...

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