Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet the team Part 3

Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu
A very accomplished mountaineer and instructor and a very strong lady. Over and above this, a very conscientious lady who is very humble about her achievements. Reena is married to Lavraj, who has climbed Mt Everest three times.

Reena is trained as a Liaison Officer and has climbed many peaks. She was part of the first ascent of Mt. Argan Kangri (6789mts) in Karakoram range of Ladakh in July 2003 with All India Women Expedition.
She has climbed extensively not only In the Himalaya but also In Alaska as a part of mountaineering courses of NOLS.

Presently free lancing as an outdoor instructor for outdoor agencies mainly for NOLS ,USA.

Reena is the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole (from coast to pole) as part of a commonwealth expedition with 6 other women from around the world.

Rupa Sahi
A qualified mountaineer and mountaineering instructor, Rupa is a lively young girl who Is full of beans and does not eat at all (this is what we all like to say about ourselves.. and it Is a joke.. truth is that all of us eat like crazy.. lol). Rupa is a great team member and is very strong. I have nicknamed her Hanuman because she is the only girl with enough strength to climb on top of our truck and push the canvas over the top to open the back. We require her to do It only when Chotu (the truck's cleaner) is not around.

Apart from mountaineering (she has climbed at least 6 peaks in the Himalaya), Rupa has also done a course in parasailing. Presently she works at 'Jump n height' Rishikesh as a Bunge jumping instructor.

Soni Shah
Soni has done a lot of courses from NOLS (National Outdoor Learning School) and is trained in First Aid. She, along with Reena, is the doctor of the team. Soni is a true adventurer. Apart from climbing mountains, she is a mountaineering Instructor, she has done a Para sailing course, she has participated in Artificial Wall Climbing competitions and represented India in the Nepal ‘WXtrip oct2010’ in World women adventure challenge in 2010. Over and above all this, she has also participated in a Mountain Biking Expedition of 36 days, covering 13 districts (2300 km) of Uttaranchal in 2007. We think she is the thinnest girl on the expedition and I am sure she will agree…. :) A very hard working girl who is a great asset on the expedition.

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