Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 12 - Tekkali to Srikakulam, 50 kms

Today we met woman empowerment in action... An amazing woman named Annapurna who lives in Singapuram, about 10 kms before Srikakulam, with her husband, who is the President of the Rotary here. She insisted we have breakfast with her before we go to Srikakulam. Now, this lady is no ordinary person. She single handedly runs a rice mill, one of the oldest rice mills of the area, where they process 32,000 kgs everyday. The rice mill was set up by her father-in-law. She also runs a cattle milch. And she is so hospitable that we were truly touched. She and her husband, Mr Prasad, drove with us all the way to Srikakulam and handed us over personally to the Rotarians here before going back.

Today's ride was very short, comparatively at least, and it was very enjoyable. We were hosted by both the Red Cross and the Rotary. Met kids in the hostel and spoke to kids in a pre-university college.. Before this we had a press conference where we got chewed up by huge mosquitoes. We have decided to keep the odomos with us where we go :)

Had 2 punctures :( Roopa's cycle had its second puncture..

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