Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 24 - Chennai (Rest Day)

Finally we got our well deserved rest in Chennai! Our morning started off with some yummy homemade dosas and cornflakes with bananas (still eating them like monkeys!)…The gracious Mr. Balakrishnan and District Governor Mr. Valli of Rotary held an amazing press conference for us and gave us delicious almond milk and samosas!

We then hit the mall for some retail therapy and Subway subs and ended the day with a walk on Marina beach…

The mechanics had finally come and put a stop to our cycle woes. With new parts and a thorough service tomorrow will be smooth sailing (I mean cycling) for all of us!!!

A hearty thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Ravi for their hospitality and welcoming us into their humble abode and Mr. Ravi's parents for being such loving and gracious hosts!!

Smitha and Reena have left us for a dance performance and to give a talk and will be joining us in a couple of days! All the best!!!! We will miss you guys!!

The countdown has begun! 9 more days to Kanyakumari! Whooopiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

with the Ravi family...

shopping at the mall!!!!


  1. Nice one yo :)

    Miss you guys a lot :( Going through withdrawal symptoms away from you guys..Hope today's ride is good.. You guys will enjoy the beach at Mahabalipuram :)

  2. It was nice meeting up with you all at Chennai. I thought that all of you would be thin as reeds but it seems Rotary has been extremely gracious and this would perhaps be the first expedition where despite such a vigorous routine you all may end up putting on weight.

    The Rotarians have been amazing. Hats of to them for their organisational skills and the way they have look after the team at such short notice. I hope the Go Green Girls have been able to get their message of Eradicating Polio to all the villages that they have been passing through and we hope it help in achieving their aim earlier.

    It was also surprising to see all of you full of josh and in good cheer. Even after doing over 2000 kms all were rearing to go and finish this great adventure.

    All the best for the rest of the trip and hope to see you all in Kanyakumari