Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 10 - Barkul to Ichchapuram, 100 kms

We are so tired!!! It was an extremely sunny and hot day and the road was never ending.. We reached Ichchapuram only at 3pm. We left Orissa today and the reception in Andhra Pradesh is just as wonderful.

We had a quick South Indian meal as soon as we arrived and got together to ride around the town with about a 100 school children. It was fun. We then went to the school and spoke to the children about riding cycles, keeping healthy, keeping their surroundings and India clean, keeping their minds alive by asking questions and researching on the net and also about helping make the world Polio-free (Rotary's drive). The children were very receptive and clapped every five minutes :)..

The route today was again ups and downs... We're waiting for it to get back to flat grounds heheheh... This whole week we have to do a 100 kms each day so it is going to be very tiring, especially going by the last 2 days. We've decided to take a break at Vishakapatnam instead of at Tuni. It will give us a chance to visit the port and for the girls to play around in the ocean (a new experience for some). Moreover, since it is a large town, we might have more to do to keep us occupied on our rest day. Anyways, more about that when we get there :)

In Orissa, we found that there were ponds all along the Highway. Little ones, with Lotuses and with cottages on the banks of the pond. It reminded me of the Ramayana and other mythological stories where Lord Rama stayed in cottages like that when they were exiled :) imagination :)

Ready for action at the start of the day..

We found a small joint to have breakfast at... idli, puri and upma :)

This kulfi guy found us on the road and we had a treat..

The kids in the school at Ichchapuram... They were so excited to meet all of us..

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