Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 30 - Trichi to Dindigul, 100kms

The morning started with cycling on a well lit and smooth highway. Unfortunately some girls couldn’t start off with us as they had cycle issues. We went through some small towns and the highway became a narrow road and then was under construction for a few kms, so that stretch was not quite comfortable for us. But breakfast was as always yummy with humongous dosas, puris and idlis!!! We reached our destination by afternoon and were taken to the Rotary club house and ate yummy mushroom biryani for the very first time!!! We then spent more than an hour getting the cycles fixed by a very sweet old man at the cycle shop who was constantly engaging us in conversation. After meeting with more Rotarians and the press we were escorted to the hostel of an engineering college where we were put up thanks to the Rotract club.

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