Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 33 - Sattur to Tirunelveli, 80 kms

hehehehhe.. you don’t want to know what we did once we got to Tirunelveli :) But I'm sure you will get it right if you tried to guess… We went saree shopping hahahahah… We bought all the sarees in Tirunelveli to add to our Madurai collection….

It was a nice ride. I think we are all seasoned cyclists now and don’t feel the road too much (or so we would like to think). We have just one more day to go and we are still quiet unable to believe that we have cycled so much. Can't believe that we are already at the end. It Is funny actually. In some ways it feels like we started cycling yesterday. And in some ways it feels like we've been cycling all our lives, that this expedition is just another part of our lives.

NH 7 is a great road to cycle on. We've been on it from Dindugal and It feels as good as our umbilical cord - NH5 :) : 4-lane, double road with its 5-6 ft cycling lane.

We got flagged off at Tirunelveli by the Minister for Environment and also the Minister for Sports. Just our luck that they were here to do so. The accommodation that we have got here, is definitely the best that we have got so far on the entire expedition. It Is wonderful.. Feels like 7 star for us :)

It is amazing how quickly the Rotarians are able to put together a great function for us at such a short notice (this is actually true for all our locations. They all got a max of 24 hrs notice that we were going to land up). We got honoured here with small idols and fancy shawls. very touching.

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