Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 31 - Dindigul to Madurai

What do a bunch of women love to do? Any guesses?? hehehehe… of course - SHOPPING!!!! And I think we bought almost all the sarees available in Madurai. We have never seen sarees so cheap and yet beautiful. The sales people at Pothy's were extremely happy with us and even knew us by our names (thanks to our new t-shirts with our names at the back).

We stayed at the Gujarati Samaj and had some great Gujju food yet again. Highlight of the day (apart from the saree shopping) was the visit to the Meenakshi Temple. What a temple! Out of this world. So beautiful and HUGE!! Even if I put 30 exclamation marks, it is not enough to describe the way we felt after looking at the beauty of the temple and its numerous granite pillars and sculptures… The temple contains the sanctum sanctorum of both Goddess Meenakshi (Goddess Parvati) and of her consort - Lord Shiva.

After this, we had a presentation with the Rotary gang. I must mention that this particular batch of the Rotarians that we met were indeed very different from the ones that we have met all these days. The whole time that we were there, they just kept pulling each other's legs and were so much fun. A very jovial and friendly batch. They spent time with each and every one of us and took the trouble to find out all of our details. Even during our presentation, they asked us so many questions that eventually we had to cut it short :)

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