Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 26 : 31 Jan 2014 : Shiroor to Manipal : 75 kms

Yet another stunning sunrise...

On the bridge. Everyone clicking the sunrise..

Cyclists on the beach...



Tataningo Galore!!!

At Sonia Clinic with our hosts!!! What amazing hospitality...

Inauguration of the Rotary function..

Dr Girija addressing the gathering

The crowd..

Honouring Vasumathi

Surprise 1st Yr birthday party for Vinayak along with an amazed Maj Ashwini...

They gave a lovely birthday gift also...

The entire lot!!!

Lots of pics today... Lovely day thanks to our hosts!!

As soon as we got out of Green Valley School, there was a long uphill. Luckily that was the only one through this route, except near the end. The team stayed together today and we cycled comfortably (as comfortably as the heat would allows us). At around 8.30 am or so, we got to a spot on the road that was right next to the beach. It was a beautiful stretch and we all took our cycles onto the sand for a round of photography. We were also very hungry by then and opened up the boxes that the school had packed for us – bread and puri and veg..

We took a lot of breaks today. Stopped for Tataningo and once we started eating, we could not stop. We stopped only because he almost ran out of them. Then, just before the turnoff to Manipal, we stopped again for Sugarcane juice.

As we entered Manipal and climbed the hill, we were amazed to see that the hill on which Manipal is situated, is dominated with huge multi-storey buildings. We definitely did not expect that. We were hosted by the Rotary and were staying in the houses of Dr Girija, Dr Gauri and Mrs Sheela. We were, once again, overwhelmed with the love and support of people who do not even know us. I must mention here that we found the email id of Dr Girija, President Rotary Manipal-Udupi, on the net and sent a blind email to her. She was so proactive, that within 2 hours, we got a call back from her and she had arranged everything for us. She even helped us get accommodation at Karwar.

They arranged for us to visit the Krishna temple at Udupi and then had a grand function at the Rotary building. They even gifted us with bags, t-shirts and sashes. We made our presentation to the group and it was great interacting with the Rotarians, Rotracters etc. This was followed by dinner and sleep at our respective houses.

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