Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 23 : 28 Jan 2014 : Goa to Karwar : 107 kms

The Panaji cycling club before we started cycling.. at YMCA

Panaji cycling club saying goodbye to us...


Beautiful sun...

Madgaon cycling club receiving us...

Sunset in Karwar..

It was a great start to the ride when the Panaji cycling group joined us to ride with us till Madgaon. After a round of pics with the team outside the YMCA building, we started cycling around 6.15 am. After one of the steep uphills that we encounter on the way, they left us to complete their ride at a faster pace. All of them are working and needed to get back. They cycle in the morning everyday.

As we crossed the bridge towards Madgaon, the Madgaon cycling group was waiting to escort us further. We stopped for breakfast at Madgaon and, once again, before we knew it, they had already paid our bill. We were very touched with the generosity that they all showed towards us. They said that they were very inspired with us and the truth is that we were inspired by seeing the group together. We were impressed with both the groups and the camaraderie that they all share with each other. We were thinking that we should also start cycling everyday with a group like these people do. Thanks guys for your support.

Of course, the uphills didn’t quite end today, but the route was nice. Rolling hills, winding roads, greenery all over. As we crossed over into Karnataka, it seemed to get greener. The approach into Karwar was so beautiful. Ocean on one side and beautiful hills on the other. We were hosted by Dr Kumud, her husband Mr Nayak and the Rotary. They have such a wonderful house and clinic building that we stayed at. Lovely North Karnataka food and sweets greeted us as we got there.

They had also arranged for the press to meet with us, which we did in the evening. It was a relaxed evening as there were no presentations planned. As we reached there only around 4pm, we had a late lunch and light dinner before retiring for the day.

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