Monday, January 27, 2014

Meet the team: Part 2

Smitha Srinivasan (Deputy Leader) – Bangalore
35 yrs

Being brought up by parents who are mountaineers, Smitha was literally brought up in the outdoors. She has been going on treks from long before she could walk on her own. Having a father who was in the Army gave enough opportunities for the whole family to travel to exotic locations and also go trekking. The love for the outdoors and physical sports was further enhanced when she became an athlete, representing her school and college in national level meets.

Smitha qualified herself as a mountaineer in 1999 and has three successful expeditions to her credit. Apart from climbing peaks, she has also trekked extensively in the Himalaya and has many high altitude treks to her credit

Apart from being an adventurer, Smitha is also a professional Kathak dancer and free lances as a corporate training facilitator.

Anita Vaidya – Surat
50 yrs

Anita is a senior mountaineer of India who has many expeditions to her credit. Very friendly and resourceful, she ensures that the work given to her is completed. So here is all that she has done: Para gliding, sailing, wind sailing, wind surfing, water skiing and scuba diving and sky diving.

Anita regularly conducts adventure programs for children, including special children and differently abled children. She could not cycle with us throughout, but was there with us till Mumbai.

Gauri Dhond – Nagpur
51 yrs

A Mathematics professor by profession, Gauri has been President of the Inner Wheel Club during2009. Gauri has also done a lot of trekking in the Himalaya and loves travelling, cycling, singing and making friends.

She is in charge of our accounts along with Krishna.

Maj Ashwini Maheshwari, VSM - Indian Army
35 yrs
Ashwini climbed Mt Everest in 2005 as a part of an expedition organised by the Indian Army. She is presently posted in Kolkata. She is a mother of 2 and has brought her younger kid (11 months old) on the cycling expedition with us.  

Roopa Sahi – Dehradun
26 yrs

One of the strongest members of our team, Roopa is a mountaineer with many expeditions to her credit. She has worked in Rishikesh as a Bungee jumping instructor for a few years as well. She freelances with companies conducting adventure camps especially for children. She also works as instructor on mountaineering courses conducted by leading mountaineering institutes in India. She is a graduate in commerce who loves the mountains.  

Shanti Rai – Sikkim
28 yrs

An MPhil in Botany, Shanti is definitely the quietest member of the team. Behind the quiet exterior is a person who cracks the best jokes, but covers her face after because she is so shy. The strongest member on the team who has never cycled before, but is still able to do so because of her determination and strong will.

Extremely helpful, it is a pleasure to have Shanti along on any expedition.  
 Bhagwati Joshi
40 yrs

A social worker and an adventurer. She is fitter than most people her age and a hardworker. A good asset to have on the team. She joined us in the last minute (the last member to join us) and it has been good to have her.

DSP Mamta Sodha
34 yrs

A Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mamta has summitted Mt Everest. Also, it was announced yesterday that she will be receiving the Padmashree. Great news for Indian mountaineering and a good recognition of the hard work that she has put in to get to where she is. Congrats Mamta!

Mamta could not be with us for the entire duration due to leave constraints. She cycled with us from Ahmedabad till Goa.

Chaula Jagirdar
56 yrs

Chaula is a senior mountaineer of India and at present, is the Principal of Swami Vivekananda School of Mountaineering at Mt Abu. The school was started by the Gujarat Government. If I start to list out her achievements, I will need all day and night and a lot more space. She is a high achiever and we all look up to her. A great person to have around, she is funny and lively and always has great insight into situations. We love having her with us.

 Nicoi Nabisee
13 yrs

At 13, Nicoi is the youngest member of the expedition. She is 9th Standard and is the daughter to Chaula Jagirdar and Kiran Chawda. She's taller and stronger than most members on the expedition. I guess it is in her genes from both parents.

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