Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 17 : 22 Jan 2014 : Mahad to Chiplun : 86 kms

Break time!!!

One of the never ending uphills...

Some of the beautiful scenery along the route

One of the milestones.. Close to our destination for the day...

The scenery just gets better and better and I think it will remain like this at least till we get to Goa. Today was the first day we encounted the ghats through the hills and while we are enjoying the scenery when we could, most times we are unable to lift our head up and look around thanks to the steep climbs :)...

The roads are amazing. It is still a single road, but the quality of the road is amazing. We’re surrounded by mango and cashew trees and the fragrance of fresh mango blossoms in the air. The weather when we start is very cool, but by about 11 am it starts to get unbearably hot. We have been continuing to cycle through the heat and stopping frequently for water and juice breaks along the way.

Today was a very long day with 2 steep ghat sections along the way. We were cycling for almost 11.5 hours today. Since it was the first time that we encountered such long uphills, it was pretty tough for most members. Some walked the uphills while a 1 or 2 sat in the truck till the ghats were over. Of course, the 11.5 hours included a breakfast and lunch break of almost an hour each, plus the juice breaks along the way (anything to redeem ourselves.. lol). But all in all, the girls are cycling very well, considering that most of the team are not cyclists and have definitely never cycled in the hills.

We’re staying at a girls hostel that is on the highway.. easier for tomorrow :)

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