Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 16 : 21 Jan 2014 : Alibagh to Mahad : 50 kms

The team being received at Mahad


Waiting to be received at Mahad.

Working on a pot...

The place where we were staying is far from the main highway and the road was very bad. So we took the decision that we will go in the truck till the main highway and then start cycling. We must have cycled about 50 kms today and it was not too bad. Gentle rolling hills continued.

Just as we were starting to think that the scenery will not change much, we got to the Konkan. The beauty of the hills are amazing. One feels like stopping cycling and just sitting in one place to be one with nature. And as luck would have it, the sun was behind clouds most of the day and the weather was also wonderful. All in all it was a great day and we had a great time cycling.

The Rotary President, Mr Parag, Vice-President and Secretary, who is also the local Corporator, came to receive us at the entrance to Mahad. We were staying at Mr Parag’s house. They then fed us some good lunch at a 100-year -old restaurant called Gokul. While we were there, a gentleman walked in with 2 big bags of fruits and handed them over to us. Apparently he has a fruit shop and got them for us.. How sweet!

We rested after that, ate khichdi and kadi for dinner and then went for the Rotary meeting. Luckily for us we landed in Mahad on the day that they have their weekly meeting, so we were able to meet most of the Rotarians in Mahad. We introduced all the members to them and our expedition as well. We also gave them a presentation of Everest and they were very very thrilled.

It was 11pm by the time we got back to the house to sleep. We were just so tired!!!!

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