Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 5 : 9 Jan 2014 : Viramgam to Nalsarovar / Sanand: 40 kms

Had presentations in 2 schools today and also got a chance to visit Nalsarovar, a bird sanctuary.

We left early and went to Nalsarovar. The day had been organised in such a way that we were not able to cycle today L. Reached Nalsarovar by 7.30 am, had breakfast and went for a boat ride to see the birds. It took more than an hour to reach the other bank and the boatman was our guide. He knew about all the birds there and was able to tell us about all of them. On the opposite bank we met the local tribes who sell things like biscuits, chocolates and also local things like rotla subzi and ber (a small round fruit). We noticed a lot of plastics and garbage in the water and spoke to them about it. We said that they should not spread garbage and should ensure that the tourists also do not do so. Some of them got upset and thought we were trying to disrupt their business, but we explained our purpose. The way back to the bank took about 45 mins and we had an early lunch cooked by the locals on woodfire.

We then went to the first school for the day – Smt Surekhaben Hasmukhbhai Gardi Uttar Buniyadi Madhyamic School in Shahpur. This school was started by the father of a WANI member and she had arranged for us to visit the school. All the kids welcomed us and we gave a talk to them. We also showed them our cycles and they were so excited to see them. They wanted to take a ride on it, but we did not allow that. J The girls danced with us and taught us a few garbha steps. It was great interacting with the girls after the talk and we sat with them for more than an hour discussing their future plans.

We then had to go 40 kms away to another JD School in Sanand. It took us more than 2 hours to reach there and we got there by 4 pm. By the time we reached, all the girls were already seated in neat rows and the projector was set up for our presentation. Unfortunately there was so much light that nothing was visible and we decided only to talk to them and not show them anything. Again the girls were so excited after the talk that they all ran to us and took autographs and shook our hands. They even invited us to come to their hostel (a lot of them live in a hostel nearby) in the evening. We were not able to go there though.

After we went to our rooms (we had 2 rooms for 18 girls) we then went for dinner to a nice garden restaurant. Lovely food followed by a good night’s sleep.

Breakfast being cooked...

On the boat ride through the sanctuary

A bird and a bottle!!

The local tribals selling stuff on one of the islands.

Rotlas being cooked..

One of the girls made this for us.

Reception at the school in Shahpur.

Speaking with the kids at the Shahpur School.

Tree plantation at the Shahpur School.

Kids at JD School, Sanand, waiting for our talk.

At JD School.

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