Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 6, 7 : 10, 11 Jan 2014 : Sanand to Ahmedabad: 25 kms : Rest day

Very small distance to ride today, compared to all other days so far. We still decided to leave early so that we get more time in Ahmedabad to wash our clothes and relax. Despite all the clothing that we had on, we almost froze today. It was extremely chill and most of us had frozen fingers. Reached Ahmedabad around 8 am and reached the CEE (Centre for Environment Education) campus around 9 am. This is going to be our home for the next 2 days and it is a beautiful home - red brick buildings, lots of greenery and peacocks. We all got individual rooms and it was a little depressing at first, especially after having been 8 girls to a room, but the exciting part was that we had individual bathrooms :). We could take as long as we wanted to wash our clothes and ourselves.

Here is a list of all that we did over the two days in Ahmedabad apart from washing all our clothes:
Lunch for the entire team was hosted by Dr Hemant Luva and his wife Surabhi at a restaurant called Patang, India’s first revolving restaurant. We got a good view of Ahmedabad from the top and also had some good food at the buffet.

We also had to get one cycle repaired. The gears were damaged during transit to Bhuj. So we went back to Sawari cycles and got that fixed and purchased some spares for the journey ahead as well. So now we have 18 functional cycles and 18 girls. One more will join us in 2 days time and one will probably leave us.
A few girls went to Decathlon and purchased a few things.

Dinner was at a restaurant called Gokul followed by good sleep and no deadlines for waking up early.
Sunday began with a presentation and press conference at Gujarat Vidyapeeth, a college began by Gandhiji and being run on Gandhian principles. This was followed by lunch at the college.

A few girls went jewellery shopping while a few others went to purchase food and snacks for the next day.
Cleaned and repaired the cycles (one puncture needed to be fixed) and loaded them onto the truck. We were going to get onto the highway in the morning before starting cycling. Road sense in Ahmedabad is pretty bad as we realised the previous day and decided not to take a chance cycling in the dark.
Dinner was hosted by Ms Hemlata Butta at the CEE campus. Lovely Gujju food.

Yup, I think that just about covers all that we did. We were busy the entire time... Looking forward to cycling tomorrow...
 The team at Nalsarovar


 Someone's behind me??

 Dont get too close!!!

 I got the tomato!! I got the tomato!! Runnnnnnn!!!

 Making a handicraft article for the team!

 Presentation at School 1

 Explaining to the kids about SCOTT cycle!

 Presentation at School 2

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