Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 20 : 25 Jan 2014 : Rajapur to Kudal : 90 kms

Deepak, our driver
Our breakfast place today. Had the best Poha here...

Cycling after breakfast...

Once again, we waited for daylight before we started cycling. The glare from oncoming traffic was making it impossible to see the road. So we had tea till it got a bit brighter.

The groups split up again. We’ve been doing this in the ghats so that the stronger cyclists can cycle at their own pace and not get too tired waiting for the slightly weaker ones. The truck is anyways there at the back supporting the entire team, so we were not worried. Each person was allotted a buddy (or they chose one) who cycled at more or less their speed. This was done to ensure that no one is left alone while cycling. There is safety in numbers after all.

The first group reached Kudal around 2 pm. It took a while for the rear party to catch up. We had lunch at a lovely little mess on the highway and then went to stay in the house of a person known to Deepa. It was a typical Konkan farm house and had a lovely feel to it. We loved staying there. They had dogs and cats walking around. Lots of harvested cauliflower, coconut and tomatoes piled up in the veranda. A lovely homely place.

We ate some typical Maharashtrian food that they cooked specially for us and it was very tasty. We slept on the floor all over the house.. even in the veranda :) All of us had a good sleep that night..

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