Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 18 : 23 Jan 2014 : Chiplun to Ratnagiri : 80 kms

Uphill or downhill?? We were ready to negotiate with anyone to get the uphills removed lol...

Shanti from Sikkim... Sweating for the first time in her life and not liking it... :)

And the ghats continue and continue... We’re getting better at cycling uphill. But the uphills are not getting any lesser. It is a gruelling task cycling uphill, but then the downhills make up for it and we speed through them...

We reached the turnoff to Ratnagiri at about 2 pm and we were exhausted by the time we got there. Ate at the first available restaurant and then loaded our cycles onto the truck. Ratnagiri was another 13 kms inside (away from the NH), so we decided to do that in the truck. We will come back again to the same place and begin cycling tomorrow.

Stayed at the house of a Naval officer in Ratnagiri who had kindly arranged it for us. Relaxed afternoon, no presentations or press conferences. Washed clothes and just relaxed.

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