Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 2 : 6 Jan 2014 : Bachchau to Malia : 63 kms

Had our first puncture today and it was quickly followed by the second.

We decided to start cycling at 6.30 am because the road was going to be bad for the first 7 kms or so. But after that, once we hit NH 8A, it was great. Wide 4-lane roads with a shoulder that we could ride on. Today’s route took us past the backwaters of the Rann of Kutch, where the sea flows into the land. For many miles we saw nothing but square patches where sea water was being evaporated for salt. We couldn’t see the see itself, but could only see the ‘river’ that it had formed inland. There is a long, 1 km long bridge that we need to cross before reaching Malia.

Reached our final destination around 2 pm. We had lunch on the highway and then loaded the cycles onto the truck. We had to go to a small village for the night called Motibarad. The village is about 10 kms off the main highway and has a population of 800. We stayed in the houses of the villagers and got a chance to interact with the local children and adults.

All the houses were very neat and cosy and we all felt at home with the hospitality that the villagers showed us. The women in the village are always in Ghunghat and do not show their face when there are men around. A lot of them have never gotten out of the village, not even to Ahmedabad. Some of them men requested us to speak with them women and convince them to travel with the husbands, when they go on a holiday. But the women are scared of travel as well as of the fact that they are spending money which is meant for the children and their oldage. We did speak with the women and tell them about how good it is to get out and travel. The families also gave us details about how it was for them during the big earthquake and how they had to get back on their feet after that.

The children of the village were so excited that they sang songs for us and taught us a few Garba steps. The hospitality that they all showed us was very touching. Needless to say, the local food that they cooked for us was absolutely yummy. We would all have loved to stay a few more days with all of them. But we have to move on and meet more people to be able to spread our message...
Speaking with the kids of Motibarad

Our breakfast place. Had hot idlis for the first time. Else we've been eating bread cheese and mixture with tea.

With the cops at the police station.

We're on the right way :)

The Rann of Kutch

Some fun on the road

The kids :)

Our food... yumm...

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