Monday, January 27, 2014

Day 19 : 24 Jan 2014 : Ratnagiri to Rajapur : 60 kms

(Dont have any interesting pics for today)

We’re getting tired of these uphills.. lol... But we have to get used to it. We will be encountering a lot of it this time. During our 2011 expedition on the west coast (Kolkata to Kanyakumari), we probably encountered mild uphills on 1-2 days... that is it!!! This is seeming never ending after just 3 days :)... Hopefully we will get over it soon :)

There is supposed to be a coastal (and shorter) route from Ratnagiri to Rajapur. But we chose to take the longer route on the highway because we were told the roads are much better. We got to the highway early, but decided to wait for it to get a bit brighter before we start. The previous day we had a bit of a scare when a truck overtaking another, came at us from the opposite side and almost ran over our leading group. In the darkness, we cant really blame anyone either. So we decided to start cycling when it gets a little brighter for the sake of safety, at least in the ghats, though it would mean that we have to cycle more in the heat, later in the day. Safety first!!

Rajapur was short enough so we reached there by about lunch time. Accommodation was not sponsored here so we were staying at a lodge. And as we headed towards the lodge, most of us were cursing lol... The road that led from the highway to the lodge was a steep downhill. This meant that first thing tomorrow morning, we have to cycle uphill!!! Or walk ;)

Had lunch and dinner at a small mess opposite the lodge. Rooms were dirty and the sheets were dirtier, but we’re mountaineers, right? We adjust anywhere :).. So we did. At Rs 100 a night, i don’t think we could have expected more anyways...

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