Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 30 : 4 Feb 2014 : Kasargod to Kannur : 100 kms

Ladies on the way to the temple...

At the Anand Ashram along with Guruji..

At Anand Ashram.

At meeting organised by the North Malabar Chambers of Commerce..

At meeting organised by the North Malabar Chambers of Commerce..

OMG!! Cycling in Kerala is impossible!! We heard the statistics. In the rest of India, the minimum width of the highways are supposed to be 65 ft, but in Kerala, the actual width is only 30 ft!!!!! Can you imagine how much space there would be for cyclists?? NOTHING!! And what is worse, is that the bus drivers are so rash. We had one accident and had 2 more near accidents. A bus driver pushed Shanti off the road and hit her as well. She fell onto the road. There was a truck behind the bus which braked and just missed running over her. We were all so shocked that we decided no more cycling in Kerala, at least not the entire duration. We had planned Kutch to Kerala and that we have already done. And we definitely do not need any accidents in the last leg of the journey.

We found out the Anand Ashram was on the way and decided to take a break and visit the Ashram. It was lovely. We spent about 2 hours at the Ashram and the guruji there spent 45 mins with us talking about life as well as explaining to us the new concepts that they have in education where they want to teach children about their duties towards the country. It was lovely spending time with him and also at the Ashram. Had lovely lunch there and then loaded all our cycles onto the truck and drove to Kannur. As we got outside Kannur, we unloaded our cycles again and cycled to the North Malabar Chamber of Commerce. We then heard that the stretch that we cycled on has officially (as of 10 years ago and more so now) been declared the most busy stretch of road in all of India!! Hahaha, another feather in our cap. We joked that if we managed to cycle on that stretch of road, then we can stop cycling lol...

Stayed at a hotel at the new bus stand. Dinner and accommodation was not sponsored :( Had to pay for it ourselves. But we were comfortable and had a good sleep.

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